Top 4 Coin-op Arcade Gaming Machine You Can Buy Right Now

Namco Pac-Man Arcade

There is no doubt that most kids love to play arcade machine. In fact many adults still remember their great childhood experience playing arcade gaming machine. Today most people play game console and PC game as this kind of game offers better game experience. However, there are many people love to play their favorite childhood game. If you want to bring your favorite arcade machine to your living room, you can do it right now.

The fact is that buying an arcade game machine is easy. Many online and offline store offers a different type of arcade machine for you to choose from. Today we are going to discuss on 7 best coin-op arcade machine you van but today.

  1. Namco Pac-Man Arcade

This Namco Pac-Man Arcade is a coin-operated gaming machine that created to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary. Having upright structure this favorite game machine has 12 pre-loaded games that include Pac-Mania, Dragons spirit, Pac-Man, Galaga, Rolling Thunder,¬† Dig Dug and more.

  1. Valley-Dinammo Hot Flash II

Do you know that Valley-Dinamo Hot Flash II receive an award for the advanced technology and the best design? This particular game machine is trendy and played by thousands of people all over the world. Valley-Dinammo Hot Flash II is spill resistant as this specific game machine is covered with a UV coated surface that makes it suitable for gaming family fun.

Valley-Dinammo Hot Flash II
Valley-Dinammo Hot Flash II
  1. Luxury Basketball Arcade Machine

If you and your family love to play street basketball, you have to buy this Luxury Basketball Arcade Machine. This attractive gaming machine is perfect for your home. Designed with a swinging basket this arcade gaming machine offers a three games mode that I am sure that every member of the family will love to play. Once you insert the coin, the ball will fall, and the game is started. What you should do is to shoot the ball into the net. This game is really cool as you have to try to shoot as many as possible in a short period of time.

  1. Tornado Multi-player Machine

If you want to play more challenging arcade machine, you have to play Tornado Multi-player Machine. This particular game will not only allow you to play with two people side by side, but you also can play both horizontal and vertical play. This naturally offers a more significant game experience for the player. Tornado Multi-player Machine equipped with two joysticks that enable you to play with our friend.

Tornado Multi-player Machine
Tornado Multi-player Machine

Arcade Machine is a retro gaming machine that played by both young and adult. If you love to play arcade gaming machine, you have to buy one for your own family use. Playing arcade machine with your loved one is really great fun.