Interesting Facts about Arcade Games You Need to Know

Interesting Facts about Arcade Games You Need to Know

There are many interesting facts about arcade games that maybe not many people know. It is undeniable, the old game did have its own impression and was very pleasant. Especially for gamers who grew up familiar with game characters like Mario, Pac-Man, and Link.

Even though many people suspect that a new video game was made in the 1980s. It turns out the video game appeared much earlier, around the 1950s. But indeed, the new video game entered its heyday when arcade games, consoles, and home computers (PCs) first started in 1970 to 1980.

In that era, arcade games became a game that was widely played by young people. Arcade games are not focused on the storyline, but enough to just have fun and fill in spare time.

Interesting Facts about Arcade Games You Need to Know
Interesting Facts about Arcade Games You Need to Know

Facts about Arcade Games; Who is Mario

Everyone who has ever played an arcade game knows Mario. Not only does he appear as one of the world’s most famous game characters. But Mario is also Nintendo’s best-selling game character of all time.

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario first appeared as a “Jumpman” in the arcade game called Donkey Kong on July 9, 1981. In the game, Mario was described as a carpenter who had to save his lover who was held hostage by a giant ape named Donkey Kong.

Not long after, the character “Jumpman” was changed its name to Mr. Video Game and finally officially used the name Mario in 1983. The name Mario itself was inspired by the name of the first Nintendo warehouse owner named Mario Segale.

Another interesting facts about arcade games Mario is in 2012, Mario’ creator; Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that Mario and Luigi had a last name and that was Mario. This last name was given when the film adaptation, Super Mario Bros., was released in 1993.

At that time the film producer suggested that the Mario brothers have a family name and finally the name Mario was chosen. So, Mario has the full name Mario Mario while Luigi, Luigi Mario. Since it first appeared until now, Mario has appeared in 200 game titles.

Interesting Facts about Arcade Games You Need to Know
Interesting Facts about Arcade Games You Need to Know

Pong is not the First Arcade Game in the World

In 1971, Computer Space appeared to overtake Pong as the world’s first coin arcade game machine. This game is an arcade game about space battles created by Syzygy Engineering.

Computer Space itself is an arcade game that features a rocket against a flying saucer in a star, with the missile as the only weapon. Interesting facts about arcade games is that Computer Space wasn’t as successful or as big as Pong. But its presence marks the beginning of the video game industry.

Although it’s not as popular as Pong, Computer Space has an extremely important role in the history of the game world. Arcade games or games that operate with coins can usually only be found in public places such as in markets, biscuits, and some supermarkets.

In Indonesia alone, arcade games only began to get busy around 1985. Some game titles such as Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-Man, Battlezone, Defender, and Bosconian are some of the arcade game titles that are widely known by gamers today.

Arcade games are very popular, especially in the 90s. At that time many arcade game titles in circulation. Some interesting facts about arcade games are rarely known to others, including facts about Mario and Pong.

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

Pong is arguably one of the oldest arcade games ever created. This game was created in 1972. In the 1970s, the game was still not as modern as today. That condition is proven by the presence of several games with a simple form.

The game was done on a relatively large device. Today 42 years ago, precisely on November 29, 1972, one of the game industry from the United States named Atari launched a video game called “Pong”.

This game is similar to table tennis with simple two-dimensional graphics. Initially, this game was played for the arcade platform. Pong quickly gained popularity and became the first commercially successful video game.

Many people are getting interested in this game and start playing it. Pong then increasingly developed in the form of games on consoles that can be played at home.

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created
Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

The Initial Concept of Pong as One of the Oldest Arcade Games

Ralph Baer, ​​a German-born US television engineer, laid the foundation for video games in 1958. He had the concept of making a simple video game that people could play on their home television.

When the concept was discovered, one company called Atari began to make another concept. This company created Pong as a game for arcade or coin-operated game machines. Atari started making games in the ice skating rink.

By 1972, the company had sold more than 8,000 oldest arcade games machines to Pong. Shortly after it was released, several companies began producing video games that mimic Pong’s gameplay, even releasing new types of games.

As a result, Atari encouraged its staff to produce more innovative games. This company adds new features. In 1974, game company Magnavox, which released the Odyssey console, sued Atari for allegedly stealing the concept for the Pong game.

Magnavox won the lawsuit three years later, upholding the company’s patents. However, at that time Atari had licensed a patent of 700,000 US dollars. In 1975 Atari turned Pong into a console system game.

Through this device, Pong can already be played at home without having to go to an entertainment center or arcade center. This game is known as “Home Pong”, and is played by connecting to a television.

Pong’s popularity declined in the 1980s due to video games losing out to others. The number of games released by some of the more advanced game industry consoles.

However, Pong has gained his place in history as one of the most popular and oldest arcade games until then. In fact, Pong became a collection of the Smithsonian Institution because it was considered to have a large cultural impact in the history of video games.  check this out

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created
Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

How to Play Pong

This game is a 2D simulation of a tennis table. You can play it by controlling the bat to hit the ball. This game is a multiplayer game, so they can compete with other players so that the “ball” will bounce off the screen.

The goal is for each player to reach 11 points to win the match. Points can also be earned when someone fails to return the ball. Now this game can still be played with various names and versions.

The emergence of similar games on more modern platforms shows that the concept of Pong game is still popular even today. Pong as one of the oldest arcade games ever created does offer easy but fun games.

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Offline arcade game is one type of game that is popular with the public. Arcade is a type of game that is not too focused on the story and usually gives its own fun and preoccupation to the players in their spare time.

Arcade type games usually have simple gameplay. In addition to completing various levels, arcade is also common in games where the main task is to get the highest score.

Playing arcade games on mobile is indeed becoming a trend lately. The ability of arcade games on mobile that can be played anywhere and at any time makes the population of mobile game players increasingly increasing. Mobile games also currently have very good quality.

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone
Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Payback 2 and Interesting Offline Arcade Game

The second series of this Payback 2 game has a concept similar to the GTA game, but combined with arcade type gameplay. Because it’s an arcade type, this game has a variety of game modes ranging from campaigns, stories, to various other game modes.

You can also play in a custom game mode that allows you to find the desired gameplay yourself. There are many custom modes to choose from such as the one that requires you to kill the most enemies, the race mode, to the game battle mode and many more.

Although it has been released for a long time, with frequent updates and many interesting features. Apart from that the ceme online game that you can play offline has a very good presentation. So that this game is not easily abandoned by the players.

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone
Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Blown Away: First Try

While most offline arcade game has gameplay where the player will control the character with the right and left, Blown Away actually has a different gameplay. Carrying a gameplay that is quite unique and different from other games, the movement of players in this game is done by tapping the mobile screen.

The main character will keep going, and the player’s job is to move to the right place. But what makes the gameplay of this game challenging is that players can’t keep on moving. There must be energy collected when moving. You can play this arcade game without using internet quota.

Block Tank Wars 2

Tank battles are a type of game that is pretty common in the Google Playstore. It doesn’t always present a realistic look, you can also play in tank-themed games with a colorful look and casual gameplay.

Block Tank Wars 2 is an offline arcade game that can make this happen. In this game, you will play in an arena with dozens of levels available. Your mission in Block Tank Wars 2 is to destroy the existing tanks.

Not only that simple, this game also has interesting features. Not only upgrading tanks, you can also use the tank skills that you use. In addition, the enemies in this game are quite varied.

Playing arcade games on mobile phones has indeed become its own entertainment for some people. Not only online, many arcade games can be played without the need for an internet connection. An offline arcade game can certainly be an option for those of you who want to play games without connecting to the internet.

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Arcade games for Android are the choice of many people’s games in this era. Playing games amid the busy days can drive away boredom. One genre that you can play without forgetting about your work is an arcade game on a smartphone.

Among other genres, arcade games don’t force you to continue playing. Because the game offered by this genre will usually finish quickly and have no storyline to follow. For this reason, arcade games can be a pastime.

The game titles to be recommended are arranged based on the level of difficulty, excitement, and flexibility of game time. So, you workers can still play without fearing a decline in productivity at work.

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play
Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Zona, One of the Favorite Arcade Games for Android

Zona is a simple casual game. The players will be brought together in one game room. Inside the room, the players will control the snake. Later, the snake must be directed to the food circulating in the room.

The more food you get, the bigger the player’s snake. The main objective of this worm game is to get as many points as possible. Points are obtained by getting food. The only obstacle to this game is the snake played by someone else.

The reason is, if hit by another player’s snake, then your snake will die. That means you have to start over from the beginning. Therefore, this game is very suitable to be played by workers when they have free time or just want to refresh.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is a casual arcade games for Android that is perfect for free time. The game developed by Ubisoft has a very simple game purpose. Players will then control a shark that can eat other small fish.

Players only need to eat as much fish as possible to get as much gold. However, players will be confronted with various obstacles that can cause sharks to die, such as sea bombs, starvation, or poisonous stings from sea jellyfish.

The game mechanism of Hungry Shark Evolution is very similar to Feeding Frenzy – a casual game on the PC platform. The difference is, in Hungry Shark Evolution, you have the opportunity to develop sharks that you play with various additional weapons, such as laser, missile launcher, or vortex.

Rows of weapons must be purchased with gold or diamond. The players are also provided with a variety of sharks that can be played, ranging from Reef Shark to Great White Shark.

Not only that, but Ubisoft also provides several sharks with quite unique modifications, such as Pyro Shark that can shoot fire or Electro Shark that can shock the fish around it.

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play
Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Sonic Dash, and Arcade Games by SEGA

Sonic Dash is one of the arcade games for Android that requires players to collect Ring and Animals. The Ring can be used to upgrade characters, such as Dash Boost, Magnet, Shield, or Headstart.

On the other hand, Animals can be used to complete Building Missions. Every time it’s solved, the player will get a new character to play.

This game developed by SEGA has many characters that can be played, such as Sonic, Knuckles,, Amy, Tails, or Shadow. Each character has the same attributes but has a different collecting effect for Animals.

Mortal Kombat Interesting Facts You Probably Missed

Mortal Kombat Interesting Facts You Probably Missed

You may be curious about Mortal Kombat interesting facts. This game was very popular in the 90s. Mortal Kombat was developed by the game developer Midway Incorporation, in Chicago in 1992. Mortal Kombat began work on in 1991.

The developers of this game are four people, Ed Boon who is the programmer, John Tobias as the story writer, John Vogel, the graphic designer, and Dan Forden who is in charge of designing sound.

Initially, Edward Boon and John Tobias wanted to make a battle game with Jean-Claude Van Damme as the main character but failed and in the end, it created Mortal Kombat. In general, Mortal Kombat was inspired by another battle game that had slid that is ‘Street Fighter’.

Mortal Kombat is a game with the first adventure-fight genre with a set of secret battles that require several levels to complete.

Now, Mortal Kombat is under the auspices of NethereRealm Studios as a developer and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment as a publisher who has franchise rights after Midway Inc. went bankrupt in 2010.

Mortal Kombat Interesting Facts You Probably Missed
Mortal Kombat Interesting Facts You Probably Missed

Mortal Kombat interesting facts; First Released in 2D and Iconic with Fatality

The first Mortal Kombat was released in 1992, then Mortal Kombat II in 1993, Mortal Kombat 3 in 1995, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 also in 1995 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy in 1996. All of these series are still based on 2D graphics.

The best and perhaps the most iconic feature about Mortal Kombat’s game movements in the whole series is the system special movement called fatality. Fatality completes moves that allow the winning character to end the match in a special way.

The intended method is to kill their helpless opponents in a terrible way. Usually in a way that is unique to every character determined by the system in the game. The fatality is Mortal Kombat interesting facts that everyone loves.

Another special move (Mortal Kombat 3) as the final step to end the enemy’s resistance namely animality. Change the winner into an animal to end the opponent and brutality.  Where the winning character finishes off the opponent with a series of movements (combos) and certain steps to then end with a movement best.

Mortal Kombat Interesting Facts You Probably Missed
Mortal Kombat Interesting Facts You Probably Missed

Received an Award from Guinness World Records

Until 2015, the Mortal Kombat franchise was able to sell 35 million game units. Mortal Kombat is not very popular in Japan, because the characters in it are considered too ‘American’ style.

In 2008, Mortal Kombat entered Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition to get seven records.  These record shows they were one the most successful fighting game. Mortal Kombat is the most successful fighting game after Bandai Namco’s ‘Tekken’ and Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter’ polled by GamePro.

Mortal Kombat has been the star of fighting games in the 1990s because of the light gameplay. But still presents good resolution and became the inspiration for fighting games after that. Those are Mortal Kombat interesting facts that you might have missed.

Mario Bros, a Classic Arcade Game Everyone Loves

Mario Bros, a Classic Arcade Game Everyone Loves

When it first released, a classic arcade game; Super Mario Bros. on September 13, 1985, Nintendo tried to prove itself to appear as an international game maker. After 33 years, the game did succeed in making Nintendo one of the leading companies.

Super Mario Bros. has even become one of the games that are considered legendary to date. The video game which is identical to the jumping movements uses two characters, namely Mario and Luigi.

The gameplay that was made was quite simple. Mario and Luigi try to get through various obstacles and explore the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach. In that story, the Mushroom Kingdom has been conquered by Bowser and his army and has become an enemy that must be subdued by Mario and Luigi.

The player directs Mario and Luigi to walk the beam of points and step on his enemy. To relive the game, here are six facts about Super Mario Bros.

Mario Bros, a Classic Arcade Game Everyone Loves
Mario Bros, a Classic Arcade Game Everyone Loves

This Classic Arcade Game was Created by Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto is a Japanese video game designer and seasoned producer. He is famous as the person who created several game characters in Nintendo. One of the legendary games made is Super Mario Bros. which until now appears in various versions, be it gameplay or console versions.

Starting from 1977, he began to join Nintendo in the planning section. In 1985, Miyamoto succeeded in making and developing two video games, namely Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda.

On his way, Miyamoto also gave a few touches of renewal in Super Mario Bros. to be famous as a legendary game. Time magazine once referred to Shigeru as Stephen Spielberg in the game world. The famous British media Telegraph called it the most influential game designer of all time.

Shigeru from 1977 until now faithfully worked at Nintendo with his last position as Representative Directors. He always loved the world of video games.

Mario Bros, a Classic Arcade Game Everyone Loves
Mario Bros, a Classic Arcade Game Everyone Loves

This Game was Initially named Jumpman

At first, the main character in this classic arcade game was named Jumpman. The name crossed Miyamoto’s mind because of his program which required jumping through obstacles. Reporting from The Guardian, Nintendo’s office in the United States is thinking of a better name for the game’s release. Finally, they gave the name “Mario”.

In the initial launch, the Mario character uses graphics that use hats. This was done because of the difficulty of making hairy character graphics. Giving a mustache also aims to accentuate the nose and cover mouth depictions in the video game. Super Mario Bros wears brown shirt overalls.

Luigi is the second actor in the video game, which is portrayed the same as Mario. The difference is, he has a thin body and taller than Mario. Nintendo wants other characters for multi-player purposes, but they have problems with memory limitations. As such, Luigi was built as an exact copy of his brother.

However, when it came time to design Luigi’s clothes, Nintendo had a problem. They can’t give the exact same clothes as Mario, but they don’t have much memory left. So, with what they have, Luigi borrows colors from Bowser’s green shell.

This game has changed a lot. In addition, this game has been developed into various versions. This classic arcade game is now even present on a smartphone, indicating how popular Mario Bros.

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

Pac-Man as most successful arcade game, was born as a simple game. But who would have thought, a game inspired by pizza slices and Popeye’s character became one of the most successful games in history?

The concept is simple, rounded figures with mouths that open and close must spend a point in the labyrinth. The action was carried out while avoiding the ghosts named Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde.

This most successful arcade game was initially called Puck-Man (derived from the word “nail” which means to devour in Japanese). The name changed to Pac-Man after the game was released in the United States. The reason for changing the name is simple, it is feared that the name of the game will be “swiped” with the initial letter “F” not “P”.

Toru Iwatani, game designer Pac-Man made the game after he took a slice of pizza. A circle of pizza that is not intact looks like a head with an open mouth. That simple thing that inspired the Pac-Man form, even to the world.

The initial edition of Pac-Man appeared at a Shibuya cinema in Tokyo, targeting female consumers. Even though at that time the arcade game was dominated by male players.

Iwatani said that Pac-Man is not targeting the game lovers who play every day. This game was created for people who don’t play games every day, namely women, children, and parents.

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History
Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

This most Successful Arcade Game was Inspired by Popeye

Iwatani explained, Pac-Man was also inspired by the character of Popeye who became strong after eating spinach. Then Pac-Man can defeat his enemy after eating a certain point in the maze. Pac-Man is recognized by Guinness World Records as an arcade game that is played with the most successful coins of all time.

Like the film, Pac-Man was developed into spin-offs including “Ms. Pac-Man”, “Pac Panic” and “Pac-in-Time”, which is run by the Bandai Namco company. The company claims that Pac-Man is one of the “best-known game characters on the planet”.

According to Wired, Pac-Man’s “perfect score” is 3,333,360 points. That result is only possible if the player reaches the final level without losing lives and must eat every dot, fruit, and ghost. Pac-Man’s 40th birthday is celebrated with a special hashtag on Twitter Japan.

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History
Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

Created a New Version Using AI

Bandai Namco began publicly testing Pac-Man at the Tokyo arcade on May 22, 1980. Much has changed over the past four decades, including computer skills. And this most successful arcade game

AI system (Artificial Intelligence) or artificial intelligence has developed rapidly so that he can drive a car (autonomous car) to produce deepfake that is quite convincing both in audio and video.

Nvidia Research announces that it has produced a new Pac-Man iteration produced entirely by AI. The company built an AI model that was able to make a fully functional version.

This version can be played from seminal 8-bit arcade games without access to the underlying game engine. Without an innate understanding of Pac-Man gameplay, AI is “trained” by watching Pac-Man sessions, so they can learn the rules and mechanisms of the game.

Pac-man must be known by many people, especially generations who were born in the 90s. Despite many changes, this most successful arcade game is still popular with many people because of its excitement. Also check other arcade games that you can play on android devices.

Best Mortal Kombat Combatant You Need to Know

Best Mortal Kombat Combatant You Need to Know

There are a considerable number of best Mortal Kombat combatant. In fact, it took quite a long time to master the fighting techniques possessed by each character. More than 25 characters played are present in all Mortal Kombat series.

But certainly, some of them have the most powerful and deadly fighting techniques. Some of these fighters are present in several Mortal Kombat series, such as the first series itself, Mortal Kombat II, and Mortal Kombat 3.

In fact, this sadistic battle game trilogy does indeed present great character dropouts and is certainly inherent in the hearts of gamers. If you have ever played this game, maybe you remember some of the names of the fighters below.

Best Mortal Kombat Combatant You Need to Know
Best Mortal Kombat Combatant You Need to Know

Jax is the best Mortal Kombat Combatant

This character has a physical like a WWE tournament wrestler (World Wrestling Entertainment). Making its debut in Mortal Kombat 1, Jax has a fighting technique that is quite reliable and powerful. He was able to defeat his enemy using only the boxing technique he mastered.

Jax is a specialist in mastering Judo and Muay Thai. Unfortunately, in Mortal Kombat 3, he had to lose both arms. Allegedly from the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot story, Jax lost his hand due to his fight with Ermac.

But after getting back a new arm covered in bionic armor, the character who is a friend of Sonya appears stronger and is able to defeat his enemy with his unique fighting style. This is why he’s one of the best Mortal Kombat combatant.

Best Mortal Kombat Combatant You Need to Know
Best Mortal Kombat Combatant You Need to Know

Baraka, a Half-Human Fighter

Debuting in Mortal Kombat 2, Baraka is a character from the Outworld (dark world) who uses one of the unique fighting styles of martial arts.

Appearing in the form of a sharp-toothed monster. Baraka was one of the Mortal Kombat characters who appeared hideous and made his enemies shudder. Baraka comes from the Tarkatan race, a demon race that is a mixture of humans and Outworld creatures.

Baraka’s fighting style is enough to make his enemies swallow because Baraka is able to attack with sharp swords that can appear on both wrists, like the X-Men Wolverine character, but the difference is Baraka is able to issue a sword that is quite long and large.

Sonya, Jax’s Friend

Sonya is one of the human characters and the best Mortal Kombat combatant who appear more ‘normal’ than the other combatants. She was a colonel from America who carried out the Special Forces mission to run the Outer World Investigation Agency.

Sonya was also the first female character to be introduced through her debut in the first Mortal Kombat series. This blonde-haired woman has a fighting style Tae Kwon Do, she is also able to manipulate her energy and make pink light.

He is very fast in attacking the enemy and is able to act with gym games that are so riveting. Sonya was even able to split his opponent with one of his Scissor Split actions when he was doing a fatality scene.

The game Mortal Kombat is indeed a favorite in his day. The diverse character and variety of strengths presented to make the players love this game. In addition to Jax, Baraka, and Sonya, there are still many other characters who enter the list of best Mortal Kombat combatant.

Best Fighting Arcade Game that was Popular in 90s

Best Fighting Arcade Game

If you were born in the 90s, maybe you will remember this row of best fighting arcade game. Not only games on consoles, nostalgia around classic games also applies on arcade platforms or what we used to know as dingdong machines.

A successful gaming platform that draws a lot of school kids’ pocket money may be a game platform. That is so effective thanks to the support of better graphics and a very high level of difficulty playing.

No wonder anyone is tempted to re-enter their coins again shortly after the slogan “please insert coin” sounds. This proves that arcade games do make many people addicted to playing.

Although the era of its glory has been displaced by the existence of the PlayStation rental. But the dingdong still keeps various beautiful memories. Especially for some game titles that were once so popular.

Best Fighting Arcade Game; Street Fighter 2

Without the presence of Street Fighter 2, the fighting game genre might not be as big as what you see now. As an arcade game that was so popular in its time. Street Fighter 2 is arguably the pioneer that inspired the birth of various modern fighting game titles.

Players are treated to a variety of combat characters, depth of play tactics, and challenging stage bonuses. The second iteration of Street Fighter successfully orbits Ryu. Ryu is so popular thanks to the characteristic white karate costume (and headband) he wore.

Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2

Not a few teenagers in this era mimic Ryu’s appearance by tying a white cloth around his head. Acting as if releasing the Hadoken style from their hands.

Because at that time the spread of the internet and game information media was not as much as it is now. Eventually many young people mistakenly called Ryu’s Hadoken attack by the name hambuget (or abuget).

The irony is that the name actually expanded to finally inspire the name of the most “radical” gaming community media in Indonesia called Abuget.

Mortal Kombat

1992 marked the emergence of one of the most controversial yet best fighting arcade game series that ever existed in the history of the video game industry, Mortal Kombat. In the heyday of Mortal Kombat, watching a fatality scene was a special performance that was so special in every battle.

Many players are even willing to lose. For the sake of witnessing the scene of fatality from the enemy, because so special the scene. Nowadays, even foam people can easily see all the fatality attacks of characters ranging from the first Mortal Kombat to the most recent.

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat game is actually a game that was inspired by its predecessor, namely Street Fighter. This game is considered as a game that has a high level of violence. You can watch bloodshed in this game.

Mortal Kombat developer, Midway Games, only takes 10 months to complete this game. Although made short, Mortal Kombat managed to become the most popular fighting game even today.

If you’re born in the 90s, you probably remember that there are still many arcade games that are loved by many people. But Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat became the best fighting arcade game even today.


Tips and Tricks for Playing Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Now, we try to give you some tips and tricks on playing Zombie Tsunami. Honestly, when you first play it, it’s not easy to immediately understand how to play this Zombie Tsunami game. Similar when we started playing dadu online at So we think these tips can help those who are playing for the first time, or who haven’t found some basic tricks in this game.

We have collected some tricks and tips for playing this game from many different sources. Maybe, these tricks can help you play this fun game. Let us get started with tips and tricks!.

Zombie Tsunami Control

  • Press (Tap) – Short jump
  • Press & hold – Long jump / far
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami

Strategy to Play the Zombie Tsunami

  • Use the zombies at the front as a jump benchmark (others will follow).
  • Watch and practice how to jump. The distance between holes or bombs can be different (sometimes there are also other obstacles), this requires good reflexes.
  • Pay attention to the number of zombies to be able to drive a vehicle (minimum of four zombies). If it’s not enough, just jump over.
  • Check missions that must be done regularly. Even if there is a mission completed while we are playing (pause first). Who knows the next mission can be done in the same game. Thus, more missions will be completed.
  • Complete each mission to fill the experimental bottle, and if the bottle is full there will be a bonus coin.
  • Collect as many coins as possible (the upgrade price will increase if we do one upgrade).
  • Collect 100 brains to get a lottery ticket.
  • Selling lottery tickets if you want to get extra coins.
  • Don’t rush shopping at the Market/upgrade. There are several missions that require us to shop. As already mentioned, prices in the Market will increase every time we shop.
  • Choose upgrades that can increase coins and brain income in each game first, then who can hold/destroy obstacles, then choose who has other advantages.
  • In our opinion, some really useful upgrades are Zombie, Tsunami, Ninja, Giant Z, and Gold. The upgrade gives you the possibility to add coins. Quarterback, although it can overcome obstacles, has its own weaknesses.
  • Other capabilities that can be purchased on the market and very useful are ‘Pack of Civilians‘ and ‘Double Zombies‘because they can be used to drive a large number of vehicles at the beginning of the game. ‘Double Coins‘ is also interesting because it will give double the number of coins.

Zombie Tsunami Bonuses and Upgrades


  • Start the game with additional zombies. Likewise in the next upgrade.
  • Useful to get a brain by pushing the car at the beginning of the game.
  • Unlock Tsunami and Ninja upgrades.


  • Tap continuously (tap tap tap etc.) to keep the waves high.
  • Can crash into everything, either get all the coins, drive vehicles and turn people into zombies and destroy obstacles.
  • Upgrade – Easier to keep waves high. Unlock the Dragon upgrade
  • Tsunami (Extended) – 5 seconds longer. Unlock Car and Extra Zombie
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami


  • You can do two jumps (press to jump, then press again when jumping).
  • When we can use the sword, we can more calmly focus on collecting coins, because it is not disturbed by other obstacles.
  • Upgrade – You can use a sword to cut bombs and vehicles automatically. It is needed to upgrade Giant Z and Zombie.
  • Ninja (Extended) – 5 seconds longer. Open Giant Z (Extended).