Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Arcade games for Android are the choice of many people’s games in this era. Playing games amid the busy days can drive away boredom. One genre that you can play without forgetting about your work is an arcade game on a smartphone.

Among other genres, arcade games don’t force you to continue playing. Because the game offered by this genre will usually finish quickly and have no storyline to follow. For this reason, arcade games can be a pastime.

The game titles to be recommended are arranged based on the level of difficulty, excitement, and flexibility of game time. So, you workers can still play without fearing a decline in productivity at work.

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play
Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Zona, One of the Favorite Arcade Games for Android

Zona is a simple casual game. The players will be brought together in one game room. Inside the room, the players will control the snake. Later, the snake must be directed to the food circulating in the room.

The more food you get, the bigger the player’s snake. The main objective of this worm game is to get as many points as possible. Points are obtained by getting food. The only obstacle to this game is the snake played by someone else.

The reason is, if hit by another player’s snake, then your snake will die. That means you have to start over from the beginning. Therefore, this game is very suitable to be played by workers when they have free time or just want to refresh.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is a casual arcade games for Android that is perfect for free time. The game developed by Ubisoft has a very simple game purpose. Players will then control a shark that can eat other small fish.

Players only need to eat as much fish as possible to get as much gold. However, players will be confronted with various obstacles that can cause sharks to die, such as sea bombs, starvation, or poisonous stings from sea jellyfish.

The game mechanism of Hungry Shark Evolution is very similar to Feeding Frenzy – a casual game on the PC platform. The difference is, in Hungry Shark Evolution, you have the opportunity to develop sharks that you play with various additional weapons, such as laser, missile launcher, or vortex.

Rows of weapons must be purchased with gold or diamond. The players are also provided with a variety of sharks that can be played, ranging from Reef Shark to Great White Shark.

Not only that, but Ubisoft also provides several sharks with quite unique modifications, such as Pyro Shark that can shoot fire or Electro Shark that can shock the fish around it.

Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play
Arcade Games for Android that are Fun to Play

Sonic Dash, and Arcade Games by SEGA

Sonic Dash is one of the arcade games for Android that requires players to collect Ring and Animals. The Ring can be used to upgrade characters, such as Dash Boost, Magnet, Shield, or Headstart.

On the other hand, Animals can be used to complete Building Missions. Every time it’s solved, the player will get a new character to play.

This game developed by SEGA has many characters that can be played, such as Sonic, Knuckles,, Amy, Tails, or Shadow. Each character has the same attributes but has a different collecting effect for Animals.