Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

Pong is arguably one of the oldest arcade games ever created. This game was created in 1972. In the 1970s, the game was still not as modern as today. That condition is proven by the presence of several games with a simple form.

The game was done on a relatively large device. Today 42 years ago, precisely on November 29, 1972, one of the game industry from the United States named Atari launched a video game called “Pong”.

This game is similar to table tennis with simple two-dimensional graphics. Initially, this game was played for the arcade platform. Pong quickly gained popularity and became the first commercially successful video game.

Many people are getting interested in this game and start playing it. Pong then increasingly developed in the form of games on consoles that can be played at home.

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created
Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

The Initial Concept of Pong as One of the Oldest Arcade Games

Ralph Baer, ​​a German-born US television engineer, laid the foundation for video games in 1958. He had the concept of making a simple video game that people could play on their home television.

When the concept was discovered, one company called Atari began to make another concept. This company created Pong as a game for arcade or coin-operated game machines. Atari started making games in the ice skating rink.

By 1972, the company had sold more than 8,000 oldest arcade games machines to Pong. Shortly after it was released, several companies began producing video games that mimic Pong’s gameplay, even releasing new types of games.

As a result, Atari encouraged its staff to produce more innovative games. This company adds new features. In 1974, game company Magnavox, which released the Odyssey console, sued Atari for allegedly stealing the concept for the Pong game.

Magnavox won the lawsuit three years later, upholding the company’s patents. However, at that time Atari had licensed a patent of 700,000 US dollars. In 1975 Atari turned Pong into a console system game.

Through this device, Pong can already be played at home without having to go to an entertainment center or arcade center. This game is known as “Home Pong”, and is played by connecting to a television.

Pong’s popularity declined in the 1980s due to video games losing out to others. The number of games released by some of the more advanced game industry consoles.

However, Pong has gained his place in history as one of the most popular and oldest arcade games until then. In fact, Pong became a collection of the Smithsonian Institution because it was considered to have a large cultural impact in the history of video games.  check this out https://gs-corporation.org/classic-arcade-game/

Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created
Pong, One of the Oldest Arcade Games ever Created

How to Play Pong

This game is a 2D simulation of a tennis table. You can play it by controlling the bat to hit the ball. This game is a multiplayer game, so they can compete with other players so that the “ball” will bounce off the screen.

The goal is for each player to reach 11 points to win the match. Points can also be earned when someone fails to return the ball. Now this game can still be played with various names and versions.

The emergence of similar games on more modern platforms shows that the concept of Pong game is still popular even today. Pong as one of the oldest arcade games ever created does offer easy but fun games.