Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Offline arcade game is one type of game that is popular with the public. Arcade is a type of game that is not too focused on the story and usually gives its own fun and preoccupation to the players in their spare time.

Arcade type games usually have simple gameplay. In addition to completing various levels, arcade is also common in games where the main task is to get the highest score.

Playing arcade games on mobile is indeed becoming a trend lately. The ability of arcade games on mobile that can be played anywhere and at any time makes the population of mobile game players increasingly increasing. Mobile games also currently have very good quality.

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone
Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Payback 2 and Interesting Offline Arcade Game

The second series of this Payback 2 game has a concept similar to the GTA game, but combined with arcade type gameplay. Because it’s an arcade type, this game has a variety of game modes ranging from campaigns, stories, to various other game modes.

You can also play in a custom game mode that allows you to find the desired gameplay yourself. There are many custom modes to choose from such as the one that requires you to kill the most enemies, the race mode, to the game battle mode and many more.

Although it has been released for a long time, with frequent updates and many interesting features. Apart from that the ceme online game that you can play offline has a very good presentation. So that this game is not easily abandoned by the players.

Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone
Offline Arcade Game You can Play on Your Smartphone

Blown Away: First Try

While most offline arcade game has gameplay where the player will control the character with the right and left, Blown Away actually has a different gameplay. Carrying a gameplay that is quite unique and different from other games, the movement of players in this game is done by tapping the mobile screen.

The main character will keep going, and the player’s job is to move to the right place. But what makes the gameplay of this game challenging is that players can’t keep on moving. There must be energy collected when moving. You can play this arcade game without using internet quota.

Block Tank Wars 2

Tank battles are a type of game that is pretty common in the Google Playstore. It doesn’t always present a realistic look, you can also play in tank-themed games with a colorful look and casual gameplay.

Block Tank Wars 2 is an offline arcade game that can make this happen. In this game, you will play in an arena with dozens of levels available. Your mission in Block Tank Wars 2 is to destroy the existing tanks.

Not only that simple, this game also has interesting features. Not only upgrading tanks, you can also use the tank skills that you use. In addition, the enemies in this game are quite varied.

Playing arcade games on mobile phones has indeed become its own entertainment for some people. Not only online, many arcade games can be played without the need for an internet connection. An offline arcade game can certainly be an option for those of you who want to play games without connecting to the internet.