Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

Pac-Man as most successful arcade game, was born as a simple game. But who would have thought, a game inspired by pizza slices and Popeye’s character became one of the most successful games in history?

The concept is simple, rounded figures with mouths that open and close must spend a point in the labyrinth. The action was carried out while avoiding the ghosts named Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde.

This most successful arcade game was initially called Puck-Man (derived from the word “nail” which means to devour in Japanese). The name changed to Pac-Man after the game was released in the United States. The reason for changing the name is simple, it is feared that the name of the game will be “swiped” with the initial letter “F” not “P”.

Toru Iwatani, game designer Pac-Man made the game after he took a slice of pizza. A circle of pizza that is not intact looks like a head with an open mouth. That simple thing that inspired the Pac-Man form, even to the world.

The initial edition of Pac-Man appeared at a Shibuya cinema in Tokyo, targeting female consumers. Even though at that time the arcade game was dominated by male players.

Iwatani said that Pac-Man is not targeting the game lovers who play every day. This game was created for people who don’t play games every day, namely women, children, and parents.

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History
Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

This most Successful Arcade Game was Inspired by Popeye

Iwatani explained, Pac-Man was also inspired by the character of Popeye who became strong after eating spinach. Then Pac-Man can defeat his enemy after eating a certain point in the maze. Pac-Man is recognized by Guinness World Records as an arcade game that is played with the most successful coins of all time.

Like the film, Pac-Man was developed into spin-offs including “Ms. Pac-Man”, “Pac Panic” and “Pac-in-Time”, which is run by the Bandai Namco company. The company claims that Pac-Man is one of the “best-known game characters on the planet”.

According to Wired, Pac-Man’s “perfect score” is 3,333,360 points. That result is only possible if the player reaches the final level without losing lives and must eat every dot, fruit, and ghost. Pac-Man’s 40th birthday is celebrated with a special hashtag on Twitter Japan.

Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History
Pac-man, the most Successful Arcade Game in History

Created a New Version Using AI

Bandai Namco began publicly testing Pac-Man at the Tokyo arcade on May 22, 1980. Much has changed over the past four decades, including computer skills. And this most successful arcade game

AI system (Artificial Intelligence) or artificial intelligence has developed rapidly so that he can drive a car (autonomous car) to produce deepfake that is quite convincing both in audio and video.

Nvidia Research announces that it has produced a new Pac-Man iteration produced entirely by AI. The company built an AI model that was able to make a fully functional version.

This version can be played from seminal 8-bit arcade games without access to the underlying game engine. Without an innate understanding of Pac-Man gameplay, AI is “trained” by watching Pac-Man sessions, so they can learn the rules and mechanisms of the game.

Pac-man must be known by many people, especially generations who were born in the 90s. Despite many changes, this most successful arcade game is still popular with many people because of its excitement. Also check other arcade games that you can play on android devices.