Subway Surfers Game Review

Subway Surfers Game

Are you looking for the best offline arcade game for android? Well, you may play Subway Surfers as one of the most popular arcade games on Android. The main character of the game Subway Surfers is Jake. Along with other characters, Jake paints gravity on the train. This action is considered as vandalism. As a result, they have to deal with the authorities. Jake must run along the train track to avoid being caught by the police and his dog. It is a unique game story, isn’t it? So, let us review this game to know how fun this game is.

Subway Surfers Cairo
Subway Surfers Cairo  Subway Surfers Game Review

How to play subway surfers

From various reviews from of the Subway Surfers game, this game is quite easy to play. There are 4 controls to move the character: slide left to move left, slide right to move right, slide down to roll and slide up to jump. With the slide system, you can easily control your character on the smartphone screen.

Aside from running from the police chase, there are many other obstacles that must be avoided such as the paper barrier, tunnels, station poles, and so on. If you crash into these obstacles, the game will end. Not only that, you have to run while completing the Subway Surfers mission. As a prize, you will get coins to increase the score of the game and last longer in this game.

Subway Surfers feature

Subway Surfers Game is very interesting because of the features it has. For example, there is a High Score feature where you can see your rank among other players who also play this game. With this feature, you can be motivated to get the highest score. No wonder many people are addicted to continue playing Subway Surfers until now despite this game has been launched a few years ago.

Another interesting feature is the Daily Challenge and Missions where you must complete the Subway Surfers daily challenge given. To answer daily challenges, all you need to do is form a word from a set of letters. Prizes given are in the form of coins and Super Mystery Boxes with random contents such as certain power-ups, unique equipment, additional strengths, and so on. The coins obtained from completing daily missions can also be used to get new subway surfers characters.

Subway Surfers new york
Subway Surfers new york  Subway Surfers Game Review

Subway Surfers Game Items

Subway Surfers isn’t just an ordinary chase game. What’s more fun about this game is the available items that can be collected during the game. The most common items found and used are coins. Coins are quite easy to get because they are located along the train track. The function of this coin is to extend the life span, buy various items, and unlock new characters.

Besides coins, there are various other items such as hoverboard and Mega Headstart. Both provide special abilities to the character like making the character fly and float in the air. It also has a score booster to increase the number of player scores, a key to animate the character if the game is over, mystery box, and so on. All of these items add to the excitement and become the main attraction when playing subway surfers.