Tips and Tricks for Playing Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Now, we try to give you some tips and tricks on playing Zombie Tsunami. Honestly, when you first play it, it’s not easy to immediately understand how to play this Zombie Tsunami game. Similar when we started playing dadu online at So we think these tips can help those who are playing for the first time, or who haven’t found some basic tricks in this game.

We have collected some tricks and tips for playing this game from many different sources. Maybe, these tricks can help you play this fun game. Let us get started with tips and tricks!.

Zombie Tsunami Control

  • Press (Tap) – Short jump
  • Press & hold – Long jump / far
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami

Strategy to Play the Zombie Tsunami

  • Use the zombies at the front as a jump benchmark (others will follow).
  • Watch and practice how to jump. The distance between holes or bombs can be different (sometimes there are also other obstacles), this requires good reflexes.
  • Pay attention to the number of zombies to be able to drive a vehicle (minimum of four zombies). If it’s not enough, just jump over.
  • Check missions that must be done regularly. Even if there is a mission completed while we are playing (pause first). Who knows the next mission can be done in the same game. Thus, more missions will be completed.
  • Complete each mission to fill the experimental bottle, and if the bottle is full there will be a bonus coin.
  • Collect as many coins as possible (the upgrade price will increase if we do one upgrade).
  • Collect 100 brains to get a lottery ticket.
  • Selling lottery tickets if you want to get extra coins.
  • Don’t rush shopping at the Market/upgrade. There are several missions that require us to shop. As already mentioned, prices in the Market will increase every time we shop.
  • Choose upgrades that can increase coins and brain income in each game first, then who can hold/destroy obstacles, then choose who has other advantages.
  • In our opinion, some really useful upgrades are Zombie, Tsunami, Ninja, Giant Z, and Gold. The upgrade gives you the possibility to add coins. Quarterback, although it can overcome obstacles, has its own weaknesses.
  • Other capabilities that can be purchased on the market and very useful are ‘Pack of Civilians‘ and ‘Double Zombies‘because they can be used to drive a large number of vehicles at the beginning of the game. ‘Double Coins‘ is also interesting because it will give double the number of coins.

Zombie Tsunami Bonuses and Upgrades


  • Start the game with additional zombies. Likewise in the next upgrade.
  • Useful to get a brain by pushing the car at the beginning of the game.
  • Unlock Tsunami and Ninja upgrades.


  • Tap continuously (tap tap tap etc.) to keep the waves high.
  • Can crash into everything, either get all the coins, drive vehicles and turn people into zombies and destroy obstacles.
  • Upgrade – Easier to keep waves high. Unlock the Dragon upgrade
  • Tsunami (Extended) – 5 seconds longer. Unlock Car and Extra Zombie
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami


  • You can do two jumps (press to jump, then press again when jumping).
  • When we can use the sword, we can more calmly focus on collecting coins, because it is not disturbed by other obstacles.
  • Upgrade – You can use a sword to cut bombs and vehicles automatically. It is needed to upgrade Giant Z and Zombie.
  • Ninja (Extended) – 5 seconds longer. Open Giant Z (Extended).